About Us

Mission Statement - Secuity Allstar is dedicated to helping Americans protect and secure everything important and dear to their life, liberty and pursuit of their individual and corporate happiness.

Security AllStar - TN LIC 2009

Security AllStar (www.securityallstar.com) is dedicated to bringing you the very best options in home and business security guaranteed to save you money and to be the most convenient and user-friendly automation systems.

And it’s not just ‘alarms’ anymore. With incredible advances in technology, home and business automation controls just about everything—from total home climate control while you’re at home or your place of work—or even while your miles away—using smartphone technology!

We offer savings and convenience with your hot water usage at home or workplace! Using Heatworks Model 1 by ISI Technology  designed to work with the IOT (Internet Of Things) you’ll save big.

Most of all Security AllStar is about bringing you TOTAL SECURITY. From wireless systems to locks, lockboxes, safety tips to burglar-proof your home and everything in between.

We are ever expanding our line of tactical gear and alternative preservation items for that extra measure of personal defense.

Take some time to browse the website – and call us if you have any questions. Security AllStar is in the business of helping you keep what is yours safe and secure!