Dorm Room and College Campus Security - What do parents do?
Dorm Room and College Campus Security - What do parents do? Arm kids with what? The fears about arming a bunch of college kids may be valid. I was a college student and it is amazing I’m alive today for some of the stunts I pulled. Cliff diving; drunk, repelling; drunk, Budweiser bikini contests; drunk and all while attending a Christian college campus where drinking was prohibited. It is a wonder I did not get kicked out of school. By the grace of God I finished and some of what I learned about God stuck with me and I’m alive today. Now I have 4 children, ages 21, 14, 12 and 10. I hope they will make better decisions than I did but I expect them to do some of the stupid things I did. My daughter is not letting me down as she is finding her way in the world. Here is my point. Not every college student at the age of 18, especially when our media and society are ok with open promiscuity and drunkenness, needs to be armed with a gun. We own a firearms manufacturer and I can absolutely say that not every adult, who never grew out of their adolescent drunkenness, needs to own a gun. Those are the rare exceptions. Most adults I know and associate with and even a lot of 18-21 year olds are completely mature enough to own and operate a firearm. Let’s face it…college campuses, by majority, are run by liberals, policed by liberals and directed by liberals. It is highly unlikely that they will ever see responsible gun ownership accepted by faculty and staff members to allow students to conceal carry. Here is what college campuses directors love… They love surveillance. They love security guards. They love security systems. They love access control. They love as much oversight as possible. I mean, they can’t do much about a gunman if he is running rampant on a college campus but they will get good pictures of what he decides to do. As a gun manufacturer, Security AllStar does believe in the electronic systems. They are a crucial part of locking down a building and keeping criminals out if something happens. Unfortunately we have to accept the fact that moronic liberals run campuses and the day we see administration and teachers carrying guns will be a rare exception rather than the rule. So what do parents do? Well, you do the best you can. We have started receiving a number of calls lately from parents asking about dorm room security or inexpensive security for small apartments right off of campus. Most all parents are parents of girls (young women/ladies) who their parents are concerned about. Here is their misconception. They only want to keep intruders out when their girls are there or have them get a warning when someone tries to break in. What if someone breaks in when they are not at home and the bastards are waiting for them to return. What happens if one of those “noise maker only” devices goes off and the person still gets in; then what. Who calls the police? Who calls for help? Count how many seconds it takes to walk calmly from one side of your house to the next and then count how many seconds it takes to unlock your Iphone and make a call to 911 in the middle of the night when you are awaken from a dead sleep with and alarm FREAKING YOU OUT AT 2AM!!! Fine motor skills, under that condition, go away and you turn into mongo. So, back to the question; “what do parents do to help?” At Security AllStar, we answered that question a long time ago. We put together a starter package for very small environments including dorm rooms and apartments. It is under $250, has no term contract, works with all smart phone apps (to alert you something has happened even when you are not there) and calls EMS (police fire and medical) for help when you can’t (or your college student can’t). The system can become more secure by the addition of a cellular module and will work even if the internet goes down. Some college campuses have restricted internet uses so the cellular module may be a necessary part of the deal and is about $100. There are so many things that can be added to the Ultrasync Hub like door locks, cameras and automation that it is something that can be taken from the dorm room into the first home because it is a very powerful system but comes at a budget price. We use it in our offices and have two major corporations that have chosen it as their security platform nationwide. Interlogix, the manufacturer, is owned by the United Technologies Corporation, and is the largest manufacturer of security products in the world so you know it is backed by a proven technology and testing. Now we know what parents do to protect their college students the best they can. The Author – Brad Staats – Has been in the security industry for 15 years and holds three licenses that covers many aspects of security and Security AllStar is the only company in the US currently offering DIY security systems, firearms and self-defense equipment on an international basis.
More Freaking Guns!!! Really?
ARE YOU KIDDING??? MORE FREAKING GUNS! Home Invasion Anyone? So we hear people ask, “how many guns does one person really need?” This is a typical statement of someone who does not own guns, or even more typical of someone who has NO INTEREST in shooting sports. Does their level of understanding or lack thereof validate the push for fewer guns in the US? I’ll bet not one single of those libtard gun hating, snowflake loving, overly opinionated morons every asked their wife (female significant other) mom or sister why she had so many different kinds of makeup when they only have one face; right? Eye liner, mascara, lip liner, lipstick, base, power, concealer and all sorts of stuff can go into one covering. No, not every woman wears makeup. I don’t hear about makeup wars because Kim Kardashian appears to have her personal MAC artist with her when she travels. I’m sure there is some butch dike that has something negative to say about “poor” Kim’s choice of too much makeup but the truth is we don’t hear about it. Not a sane comment? OK, who picks on the firefighter for his required tools to enter a building. They don’t just give him a hose with water and say, “fight that fire.” He gets a flame resistant uniform/coat, helmet/hat, axe, respirator, boots, breach equipment and more to enter a burning building and fight a fire. I’ve never heard anyone say anything about a firefighter having too much equipment. So, some jackass libtard will say that those are not fair comparisons and that we can’t expect this to be a realistic argument. Sooooooo, I’ve never seen Kim Kardashian without her makeup so that may be true. She may be absolutely lovely without her makeup; don’t know and don’t care. In fact, if I see her or Bruce Jenner on TV (in any form) I’d rather watch golf, seriously and I HATE watching golf. But is the firefighter an unfair comparison? I mean, he risks his life, potentially, every day running into burning buildings and fighting one of the most deadly forces on the planet. He HAS to be equipped with all those tools. What about a security guard? Not a police officer but just a security guard standing inside your bank (more common in big liberal cities with more crime) and his tools. I went through the class and know the state laws and suggestions. It is “recommended” that an armed guard have a primary and a secondary gun. It may be REQUIRED for him to have pepper spray, a Taser, a knife and a baton as well. Those are required items. Do you know that he may, depending on the state, be required to also have certifications to carry and use some of the other items? Why you ask? I’m glad you asked. The use of deadly force may not always be necessary. You get some big nasty woman in the bank line having a WITCH FREAK SESSION demanding money because she got confused and thought she was in the EBT line not the bank line, Mr. Professional security guard may have to pepper spray the BITCH out the door until police arrive to take her to the line she belongs in. She may look like she needs to be shot but in all honesty, the use of deadly force is certainly not necessary. I’d love to see that incident through. “GIVE ME MY DAMN MONEY.” ….SOUND OF SPRAY…. “SCREEEEEEEEEAM.” I digress. So why does that security guard need more than one weapon? One gun may run out of ammo. One gun may be taken by an assailant. One gun may jam. The second gun in his trousers may become his best friend. What about in your home? Someone breaks into the back of your home while you are in the front!!! Your “home defense” gun is in the back. You just got killed. Someone breaks into your down stairs bedroom while you are upstairs putting your kids to bed and your home defense gun is locked in the bulldog safe in that bedroom. You are screwed and maybe dead. You need a gun accessible in every major area of your house. You never know (especially if you live in a liberal city ridden with crime) when some drug dealing piece of excrement is going to enter your property. Even if you have stupid, stupid laws like New Jersey, and are supposed to retreat, your are going to shoot the punk who endangers the life of your child; I promise. Let a jury of your peers try justify convicting you for that. I promise, the average house needs at least 4 guns for home defense and that is in a small house. None of these thoughts touch sporting uses. Liberals don’t know you don’t shoot squirrels with a 50 BMG or even deer. Don’t know why? Youtube it before they pull down the videos. You also don’t hunt turkey with a revolver and a choke attached to the end. Don’t know why? YouTube it. Nobody in their right mind would go long-range target shooting with their Remington .22 rifle (squirrel gun) and expect any good results. I’m not even going to begin going down the lists of home and personal defense weapons and why you should NOT use certain guns or weapons (like only a baseball bat) for home defense; you are potentially going to get killed. Lots of soft-hearted libtards want to say, “I could never shoot a criminal in my home, that is just simply not justified and his mother treated him poorly growing up and his daddy left when he was just 12.” Well, I don’t agree with Darwin’s theory of evolution (which he even recanted prior to his death) but that soft-hearted, libtard just proved survival of the fittest. So why do we need MORE FREAKIN GUNS? Because litbard cities like Boulder Colorado are giving open license to criminals to come into your home with an AR15 when they know the law-abiding citizen does not have one anymore. Because your house needs at least 4 guns for home defense and if you think shooting a squirrel or a deer with a 50 BMG is a good idea then you watch waaaaaaaaay to much Kim Kardashian, Bruce Jenner or Golf.

Good morning my fellow Infidels and welcome to Kafir Gear!

Kafir Gear is not your average "gun shop", we are different and given the chance we will show you why.  We are your one stop shop for everything tactical and self-defense.  I personally (The Infidel Armorer) have been around firearms and tactical gear for more than 25 years and I surround myself with individuals that have as much if not more training and real life experience than I do.  If a product is chosen to be on our site, it’s because I or somebody I trust has actually used it.  The things we offer are a matter of life and death and me personally, I prefer the first option and will not settle for second rate equipment.  A wise man once said, buy once cry once!  We will not carry cheap gear, but we will sell the best gear at a reasonable price.  We live in an ugly world and we want you to have the tools you need to protect everything you hold near and dear!

Our gun builds are 100% made in the USA to include the stock, and it’s made in the great state of Texas.  We source our products from the very same manufactures as some of the big names in the industry like Daniel Defense & Troy Industries, not to mention Department of Defense contracts.  Every decision made about our product is made as if my life depends on it, because someday yours might!

If you’re looking for anything in an AR platform we can do it.  This includes AR-15, AR-10, AR-9mm and even AR-45 if that is what you want.  From mild to wild we can make your dream a reality.

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What is UL listing for Security Companies - Is It Important

Alarm Service Certification by

The certification of alarm services is to provide a connection of confidence between businesses, property owners, families, service providers, and other stakeholders; including code authorities like police fire and medical, insurance companies, and government agencies. UL’s technical experts assess alarm companies for their ability to install, maintain, test, inspect, and monitor alarm systems, as well as, provide runner service and communicate with the proper emergency authorities.

For over 100 years, UL has collaborated with the alarm industry, code authorities, and user groups to develop today’s model for Alarm Service Certification. UL’s Alarm Certificate Services program aims to deliver the highest level of confidence in alarm systems. The UL Certificate is an alarm company’s declaration that an alarm system has been installed, and will be maintained, tested, and monitored, in accordance with the most up-to-date applicable codes and standards. UL lists qualified alarm service companies and providers in compliance with UL 827, UL 681, UL 2050, and NFPA 72.

Make sure you choose a UL listed monitoring company as well as equipment that has gone through UL testing.

Why is your Security Monitoring Company Important?

There are so many options when it comes to security monitoring but people buying a security system often do not realize how the monitoring even works.  Let’s face it, they have their work schedule, their community activities, children soccer, gymnastics or 4H meetings and many of life’s concerns to worry about.  Why care about how monitoring works?  Let’s do a brief, brief explanation so we all know. 

When a thief breaks in, you have a medical emergency or a fire breaks out in your home or business, that is not the best time to find out if your monitoring company is going to help.  Your security panel only calls (through some means) the monitoring station.  If you have a really cheap service that is not UL listed, it may be a LONG time before the emergency services are dispatched, if ever.  The only way the proper authorities are going to know if you need help is if they get notified.  Feel free to look at this video to get some clarity on monitoring ( )   but know that if you are not prepared to help yourself and you have a non-UL listed company or one that only uses IVR (interactive voice recording or a computer) responses, your monitoring company may fail you and they do all have contracts that are in their best interest, not yours.

Here are the main things to look for when choosing a monitoring company:

  •          Make sure they are UL listed and have geographic diversity (different locations) in case of a power outage or natural disaster
  •          Make sure they have live operators and not just and IVR system that handles calls
  •          Ask about their plan for disaster recovery
  •          Look up national listings on response times and complaints
  •          Be sure that they are financially stable and have been in business for the duration
  •          Make ABSOLUTELY SURE that they don’t just monitor one type of equipment from one manufacturer (if they do, all their eggs are in one basket)

In brief, there are a lot of security manufacturer’s and companies out there offering equipment, if you have the coolest equipment in the world on your wall but help doesn’t show up, you are only paying for a cool display on your wall.

Active Shooter Training Guns and Weapons
Training Rifles and Handguns Used By Law Enforcement and Military; Train With These To Prepare Yourself For Active Shooter Scenarios
Is SimpliSafe Being Honest?
Exposing what we know about the "Best DIY Security"

Wow, looking at Amazon Key we have learned a lot about Amazon.  They are masterful at rebranding and marketing.  The thing a lot of consumers don't know is that this service, althought slightly different, has been available for most, Kwikset, Schlage and Ultrasync customers for up to 7 years or more, depending on who the manufacturer is.  What is interesting now is that we are seeing a 3rd party, Amazon, throwing their hat into the ring as if this has never been available.  One of our former employees watched his child get off the bus and let her in the front door; all from his phone.  This was 7 years ago.   He was stuck in a traffic jam, with me, and had no way of getting home to let her in and she was only about 9 at the time.  We see adding Amazon into the mix as unnecessary but we know the service will work because and companies like us have been doing it for years.  UPS, the USPS and FedEx will already text you updates to let you know when your packages should arrive and if you have a smart home system like a Qolsys or Ultrasync Hub using and familiar app like, you already have the ability to get notifications, open the door for home services and watch the entire process from your smart phone, tablet or PC.  Let's not get fooled into thinking this is something really new.  Let's thank Amazon for making the possibilities of the system a reality.


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