Infrared (IR) - Day/Night Cameras

Infrared is a type of light that we cannot see with our eyes. Our eyes can only see what we call visible light. Infrared light brings us special information that we do not get from visible light. It shows us how much heat something has and gives us information about an object's temperature. Everything has some heat and puts out infrared light.

By using special infrared cameras, we can get a view of the infrared world. These cameras are very useful and have even helped save people's lives. In the infrared, you can "see" in the dark. Even if the Sun is down and the lights are off.

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700TVL (30IR, 80FT) (w)

700TVL (30IR, 80FT) (w)

1.3 MP CMOS, 25fps@720P

1.3 MP CMOS, 25fps@720P, 15fps@1.3M

1.3Megapixel Aptina

1.3Megapixel Aptina CMOS image sensor, 30fps@720P

1/3” 2Mp Exmor CMOS H.264

1/3” 2Mp Exmor CMOS H.264 dual-stream Max 30fps @1080p

3MP IP 3 Megapixel full HD water-proof IR Network Camera

3MP IP 3 Megapixel full HD water-proof IR Network Camera,

3MP IP1/3” 3Megapixel Aptina CMOS

1/3” 3Megapixel Aptina CMOS, H.264 &MJPEG dual-stream

700TVL (30IR, 80FT) (B)

700TVL (30IR, 80FT) (B)

ADC-V520IR Indoor wireless fixed IP camera with night vision • 12v power supply and mounting stand included ADC-V520-IR ADC-V520IR