Alarm DIY Monitoring

Security AllStar offers only systems that are equipped with dual path communication features, not just backup communications, and all panels have 3 or more layers of security.  Whethere you monitor the system yourself because you have equipped your family with self-defense or if you are having your system professionally monitored with police, fire and medical responsiveness, you are getting a system that is nearly incapable of being hacked, compromised or bypassed by even the most seasoned criminal.

We depend on the award winnig systems supported by and Interlogix.   You expect professional security to meet and/or exceed all UL, ETL and national security standards and so do we.    Call us today at 800-604-1102 with any questions.

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Interactive Monitoring. monitoring with phone app and remote arming and disarming. Includes: * User Code Management * Up to 50 Sensors * Police-Fire-Medical Emergency
$26.99 Qolsys Pro Video Monitoring Qolsys Pro Video Monitoring The pro video service is the best way to monitor up to 4 cameras and 1000 clips per month. This unlimited logins from your smart phone or tablet to check on your family or business.

Interlogix Ultrasync DIY Self-Monitoring

Interlogix Ultrasync DIY Self-Monitoring & Email Updates for Technical Support with Firmware updates as requested. - No EMS (Emergency Medical Services)

Interlogix UltraSync Hub DIY monthly monitoring

Professional monitoring at only $23.99 includes remote control of all UltraSync features, and EMS Services (emergency medical services). Setup support only for 30 days.

REINSTATEMENT FEE For Activating Security Systems

REINSTATEMENT FEE - We know sometimes errors happen and sometimes thing get a little behind. We are here to help as much as we can. It does take administrative time to cancel and activate systems with our monitoring station and often times there is a cost associated with activating certain systems on top of just administrative costs. Please be kind and understand we want to keep you as a customer and we want to stay in business as well. Security AllStar is here to be your alarm company forever.

SAS Prime Interlogix UltraSync Hub DIY monthly monitoring for ZW-6400 w/ Identity Theft

Professional monitoring at only $33.99 includes remote control of all UltraSync features, and EMS Services (emergency medical services). Setup support only for 30 days. Identity Theft protection for the entire family up to age 18 and 25 for students.

SAS-Prime Membership and/or Monitoring

SAS-Prime membership offers the same 24/7 security monitoring for police, fire and medical as well as free shipping on all non-freight items from our store. Includes Live, American-based Technical Support. Firearms at Dealer Cost. See the Plan here:
$10.00 PRO Video-Qolsys Gold Interactive Monitoring

PRO Video and Gold Interactive Monitoring with SAS Prime Membership ------------------------------ User Code Control Remote Arming Arming Supervision Sensor Activity Reports Arming/Disarming Reports Sensor Activity Monitoring for 15 sensors Commercial Reports Arming Schedules Wireless 2-Way Voice Weather to the Panel Lights and Thermostat Bundle Lights Thermostats Locks Water Management Garage Door Control LiftMaster Integration Lutron Integration Severe Weather Alerts Image Sensor Alarms Image Sensor Plus Enterprise Security Console Identity Theft Protection