T-Shirt Drawing Contest - Rules Below

T-Shirt Contest

T-Shirt Drawing Rules

  •   Contest is a T-shirt contest with an “anti-terrorism” theme.
  •   Drawings must be submitted in a hi-resolution format in either

o   PSD

o   PDF

  •   No profanity or nudity accepted.
  •   All submissions must be made by midnight of January 31st of 2017 for consideration.
  •   There is a maximum limit of 3 submissions per person.
  •   All participants must be registered users of the Security AllStar site which can be found on the homepage of www.securityallstar.com under “Newsletter” and “Subscribe.”
  •   All submissions should be emailed, by January 31st 2017 to:

o   sasmediagroup@gmail.com

  •   No purchase from Security AllStar is necessary to win the grand prize
  •   Winner will be chosen by 3 members of the Security AlllStar team and chosen at the sole discretion of the 3 team members but   will be judged on the following 2 criteria:

o   Wit, humor, or satire

o   Artistic rendering

  •   No age limit for submissions but participants under 21 years of age must be willing to accept a consolation prize of equal value as you must be 21 years of age to own a firearm.
  •   Winner must be legally able to own a firearm in their state or accept a consolation prize of equal value
  •   Prize will be shipped to your local FFL dealer for background check and transfer.  Transfer fees charged by FFL dealer are at dealer’s sole discretion.
  •   All submissions will become the property of Security AllStar and may be used, printed, or reproduced at the sole discretion of Security AllStar.
  •   Winning submission will be posted on the Security AllStar FB page and the “T-Shirt Drawing Contest” page on the Security AllStar website on or about February 1st, 2017.
  •   In order for the contest to be valid, Security AllStar must receive a minimum of 100 submissions by the stated deadline
  •   All relatives of Security AllStar and ConsulTel, LLC are not permitted to make submissions.
  •   Any changes to rules will be posted on this site as soon as they are available.
  •   Questions for clarification can be submitted in writing to sasmediagroup@gmail.com