Home Intrusion & Why DIY

Here is why you want a "Do it Yourself" home security system.

Security Allstar is a very unique site.  We are experts in the fields of security, surveillance, access control and intrusion detection.  Many sites only focus on the electronic methods of keeping intruders or thieves out or away from your home or business.  Security Allstar is focused on every aspect of security from the preventative measures needed to protect assets as well as tactically defending your person or property against any threats.  Our staff has decades in the security business as well as tactical military experience to assist you in making educated decisions on what is in your best interest.  Unique to the industry is the fact that we offer DIY (Do it Yourself) packages only, however we will do the initial acitivation, setup and programming here in our offices. 


Every person you allow to enter your home or business to install a security device then has a strategic understanding of how to circumvent your system as well as some knowledge of your assets.  Today's systems are amazing in their ability to protect you but also require little knowledge regarding security programming to install, once we have completed the initial activation and setup.  Do NOT let a stranger into your domain and charge you excessive fees with a long-term contract when you can take comfort in your state-of-the art DIY security system. 

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2/6/2017 11:54 AM
There are a few DIY systems out there now.  Can you please share which systems are the best?  It looks like SecurityAllstar.com has quite a few options.