The Best DIY Security System for Stephen & Senior Citizens
The Best DIY Security System for Stephen & Senior Citizens This is a huge question and cover a lot of years of practice and frustration and experience. The security industry has changed so much that information people had on security systems 5 years ago has altogether changed. This past week was particularly interesting as it came to security systems for those who fall into the senior citizens category. I have to address this segment of society with caution and respect because we are supposed to respect our elders and that is exactly what we need to do. My experience with senior citizens has probably been much more varied than dealing with any other segment of society. Let me explain. In the last 3 years we have hired a number of millennials. Their ages range from 18 to just under 30 years old. We have subsequently fired all of them. It is quite a few of them at this point. Now, I am not a millennial basher although I am tempted to be one at this point. Here is why. We hired a young many 2 weeks ago to come in and do basic data entry. He was to call 1,100 companies on our list and update their information. That is all. He came in on Monday and did a decent job. He updated about 80 records and then went home. He was to be in at noon the next day and I said just call us if your schedule changes.
A Woman’s Favorite Security System & Your Sex Life!
A Woman’s Favorite Security System & Your Sex Life! Yes, by today’s standards I’d probably be considered a chauvinist. I believe girls should go into the bathroom marked “Women” and boys should go into the restroom marked, “Men.” I’ve taught our 4 children why their plumbing delegates whether they are male or female and that if you are male your are more likely to want to shoot BB guns, play football and punch each other in the face for fun. If you are girl you will most likely want to participate in tea parties, put colored powder and makeup on your face and like pretty dresses.
Qolsys and PowerG change the Security Industry – Non-Compatability?
Qolsys and PowerG change the Security Industry – Non-Compatability? By the end of the week we will be introducing the PowerG to the industry along with Qolsys. As recent as last night I was involved in a social media discussion about the new Qolsys 9201-1200. There were unfair criticisms about how Qolsys had released the new S-Line (encrypted) sensors but not released a repeater or signal booster that was compatible and it would ultimately make the new sensors become the “beta max” of the industry. This is not the fault of those in the discussion but it is not accurate information. We have other blogs dedicated to the S-Line and the new security they offer so I will only say that I sincerely hope S-Line makes it and it should be a game changer for those looking for the most secure system they can find.
Qolsys S-Line Products for Real Security Needs – Now Available!!!
Qolsys S-Line Products for Real Security Needs – Now Available!!! Yes, 15 years is how long we have had this argument. 15 years is a long time and it started before I got into the industry. That means there is no telling how long the argument has been going. The real “lay man’s” terms are not focused on s-line or secure line encryption but rather how secure are security systems today. Let’s back up a little. The underlying wireless signals that modern security systems run on were established back in the 80’s and have had huge advancements since then. The systems that Security AllStar offers do not have the older standards but rather newer standards. Without “geeking out” there are basically 3 layers of security when wireless signals are transmitted from security contacts to the main panel and then that signal is transmitted to the panel and then the panel has a couple ways of sending that signal to the central station. That was not the case on a fairly recent study on some systems like SimpliSafe but they claim to have fixed that problem with their new system. No one can still seem to explain why they were OK with putting out faulty systems for 5 years and then not offering customers an upgrade path with their new system.
Buy Ring Blink Skybell or Ultrasync Hub by Security AllStar for RS-3240
Buy Ring Blink Skybell or Ultrasync Hub by Security AllStar for RS-3240 The war for services has been on now for about 4 years. Everyone thinks the Doorbell cameras and services are cool and that is what most companies focused on; “cool.” What about security? What about privacy? What about dependability? What about quality? In my professional opinion it has been about everything but the right things. My background in security now dates 15 years and I cannot tell you how many good ideas no longer exist. Some companies no longer exist and services that were once offered are no longer available. No? What about or the Blackberry phone. What about Pontiac, AOL and Gateway computers? We all have lots of references to the past where the “too big to fail companies” did just that: failed. We have been able to successfully ride the technology wave by knowing the right time to adopt a company and their services and knowing when too soon is simply too soon.
The Frontpoint Security Difference by Security AllStar
The Frontpoint Security Difference by Security AllStar For 15 years now, we have been continually asked to evaluate products for our consideration to sell and offer to customers. More often than not, we decline. Now that is not meaning that they are not good products or even effective products but we have 5 criteria that we use to judge products. Here are those 5 criteria. Is it truly secure and safe (meeting or exceeding current standards) Ease of use (older generation and younger generation of users) Support and Software or Firmware Updates are a must Cost of ownership (short-term and long-term) Integration with other services (automation, Amazon Alexa, Google Home…)
Qolsys IQ Replacement Batteries – Exporting America
This is not meant to be a long blog but a Quick note for those customers with Qolsys IQ and IQ2 panels. We are in touch with the manufacturer on a regular basis and these batteries are out of stock nationwide. At the end of this short blog, we are submitting a proposal to Qolsys customers to help. We have not been given a reason why these are unavailable but we have had them on order now since February and have a few hundred on order. That being said, there is still no ETA for arrival; why? The majority of the customers with problems are having batteries that swell and are occasionally getting large enough that they are bursting the back plate on the IQ panels. Let me have a little personal input here. For computer boards, circuit boards, batteries, hard drives, and 500 million other electronic items that we have been importing from China, we now have a delay in R & D and manufacturing and shipping because they are coming from another continent VIA boat. The exporting of America began decades ago and this is one prime example of why we need fair and balanced trade with other countries.
Poll Says ADT & Monitronics are the Winners!
So ADT & Monitronics do with with these three things: Highest attrition rate in the industry Most expensive out of pocket systems Longest term contracts in the industry
Crap around your House INVITES burglars! Yes Really!!
Crap around your House INVITES burglars! Yes Really!! After having been in the security industry for years and years, we start to see trends. People who are usually burglarized once seem to have it done repeatedly. Sometimes it is the private location and easily hidden entry from the rear on a cul-de-sac or proximity to a high school where a customer’s property backed up to where students had opportunity to amble over before school or between classes to bother stuff in their carport.
Yeah, Bring a Baseball Bat to a Gun Fight!
Yeah, Bring a Baseball Bat to a Gun Fight! Fairly recently we taught a security class, just the basics. It was open and free enrollment for anyone to attend with the expectation people would want to know more. Some did and those who have been seriously interested in their family’s security have continued to progress. The number who take it seriously are pretty few, which is surprising. At we take it very seriously. So many of us walk around as if it can’t happen to me. We aren’t going to have the heart attack, the home robbery, the cancer problem, the house fire, the cheating spouse, the car wreck, the terminally sick child and so on. Tragedy happens but lots and lots of people live as if it won’t happen to them. In light of the “it can’t happen to me” we still have car insurance, home insurance, medical insurance and a home security system (if we are smart). The problem with our brains is that quite often, especially when we are younger and more naïve, we think it can’t happen to us. The chances are greater than we think but not a definitive. For instance, if you were born in 1960, you have a 53.5 percent chance of catching cancer if you are male and 47.5 percent chance if you are female (thus says Google doctor). This is a fun statistic. If you are a car driver you will file an accident claim every 18 years. That means if you are a driver you WILL have a car accident. That’s kind of depressing if you think about it. What about that that heart attack? Well, just under 50% of men and women will experience some type of cardiovascul