KNS Precision, Inc.

KNS Precision, Inc. had it’s beginning in the summer of 1999, when two friends, one a master machinist, the other a firearms enthusiast, combined to produce and market new products for the AR15/M16 platform.  With overwhelming success from the start, KNS Precision, Inc. has earned the firearm and shooting industry’s acceptance through product innovation and customer service. 

 In 2006 the machinist sold his portion of the company to his nephew, who was also a master machinist and owned a local Swiss machine shop.  KNS Precision, Inc. then moved four miles from it’s original location to the new machine shop.  In 2008, the second partner retired and a portion of the company was sold to a military Veteran and local Police Sergeant who had been the companies Law Enforcement and Military representative since 2002. 

 The new owners have continued the strong traditions of the company while expanding company growth, customer service and product development.