First Responders

Units are for First Responder & Business use only, organization or company name and verification required for purchase. Unverified orders will be canceled. If Tax-Exempt is required please provide proof of Tax-Exempt by specifying in order.

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Alinco ADFM78

MB-130 Mounting Bracket all current mobile radios

Alinco ADHK130

HK-130 Screw Set

Alinco ADUA38

PC-15B DC Cable for DR-138/438/638

Alinco DJ-500TB

200ch VHF/UHF HT 2-Tone/5-Tone

Alinco DJ-A10T Analog Handheld

128ch VHF 136~174MHz Transceiver - DTMF/LCD Part 90

Alinco DJ-A40T

128ch UHF 400-470MHz Transceiver - DTMF/LCD Part 90

Alinco DJ-A41T

128ch UHF 400-470MHz Transceiver - - Non DTMF/LCD Part 90

Alinco DJ-MD40T DMR Digital Radio

DMR UHF HT 5W Part 90 2600mA Li-ION **This radio is for first responder & business use only**