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At Security Allstar we have over a decade of evaluating, delivering and supporting GPS tracking devices for fleet and individual use. There are a LOT more products than there were 5 years ago and trying to evaluate this on your own could be monumental.  Let us help you decide if our product is right for your purposes and give you a few things to help you decide quickly if this product is right for you.  We have settled on the Uplink product because they have been manufacturing these or similar devices for the security industry for over 20 years and we know they have the quality, support and track record to stand behind their product.  That being said, here are 3 things to consider that would disqualify this product for yor purposes, and in my opinion, only 3.

1.  Uplink does not provide dispatch software for large fleets like a nationwide taxi company or FedEx might use

2.  Uplink's GPS mapping can get combersome if you intend on tracking over about 150 vehicles in close geographic proximity

3.  Uplink's GPS does not provide a record of OBD diagnostic information and logs like some large law enforcement or large fleets         require.

Now, if you have a small fleet, or are an individual needing to protect your business against theft of service or want to check on your "family member's" location for any reason or for safety purposes and need a very reasonable entry price point, we are your choice.  We have robust enough features to surprise any company hoping to begin online tracking and offer a variety of packages suited for any budget.

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Promotional Uplink GPS Tracker auto PRO Hard Wired tracking device

Promotional Uplink GPS auto PRO Hard Wired tracking device. Product requires activation and a "NO CONTRACT" monthly service plan with a 90 day cancellation notice.

Promotional UplinkGPS auto plug-in tracking device

Promotional Uplink GPS auto plug-in tracking device. Requires activation and a "NO CONTRACT" service plan with a 90 day cancellation policy.

Promotional Y Cable for GPSauto

Promotional Y Cable for GPS auto