Description Smart Thermostat (ADC-T2000/ADC-T2000-RC)
Features Include: Remote Control • Auto Mode • Humidity Control • Z-Wave S2 & SmartStart (firmware versions 2.01+)

Panel Compatibility:  All Current and Future Panels
Available for Purchase From: • Distribution

Installation precautions

  • Before installing or servicing the thermostat, turn off power to the system at the circuit breaker.
  • Leave power off until the thermostat has finished installing or servicing.
  • Shorting the electric terminals at the control on the heating or cooling system may damage the thermostat. Do not test the system this way.
  • Follow all local codes and ordinances for wiring the system.
  • This thermostat should only be powered by 4 AA alkaline batteries and/or a listed class 2 power supply at 24 VAC (C-Wire or wall transformer).
  • An amperage higher than 1 amp to each thermostat relay load may cause damage to the thermostat.
  • Verify that the system is 24 VAC. For information about verifying power, see Verify wiring with a multimeter.