Custom Built Security System by You: Starting with IQ4 Security Panel

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Starting with the Qolsys IQ Panel 4, custom build your own security system with all the things you need. More options available by searching the website or calling us at 800-604-1102.

Additional Security Sensors (+$33.00)

Encrypted Door or Window Sensors


You are the best judge of your home or business security system and what you need and want.  See why 12 million people use our app and software.  Why let a stranger into your house to tell you what you already know.   You may not like the whistles and bells and only want the basics of a security system or you may want to automate your system to unlock doors, open your garage, adjust your thermostat automatically and let you know when your kids, housekeeper or UPS driver deliver a package.

Get what you want, not what you don’t want and install it easily with pre-configuration and self-installation to save up to 60% or more over the big companies like Brinks, ADT and Vivint.  Did you know that the big companies will often rebrand the same equipment that we use but often charge more than double what we charge.

Here are the basic questions you want to ask yourself while building your own system!

  • How many doors do I have (don’t forget your garage door and sliding glass doors)
  • How many ground floor windows do I have?
  • How many stories do I have and how many bedrooms (fire marshal usually suggest a minimum of one smoke sensor or CO sensor for every 1000 sq feet, every bedroom and one for every floor
  • Do I have roll up garage doors and need a tilt sensor?
  • Do I have large areas where windows can be easily broken and entered where I need a glass break?
  • How many motion sensors do I need (usually one for every floor of the house, intersecting hallways, rooms that have and entry door and large living areas where someone can gain access to the house)
  • Do I have a separate garage or living quarters that need their own partition (our system can do up to 4 buildings and hundreds of devices)
  • Do I want a doorbell camera to get notifications from?
  • Do I need additional cameras and do I need WIFI or hardwired Cameras?
  • Do I want a key fob or to just depend on the phone app to arm, disarm and maybe unlock the door
  • Have I thought about automated locks for certain doors?
  • Do I want a bedside stand to put the panel on or do I want to mount it to a wall inside of my home?
  • Do I want to have flood, freeze and water sensors in case a pipe breaks?
  • Will I want to automate any lights (if I am gone) appliances or lock up any special devices like:
    • Safes
    • Liquor Cabinets
    • Wine Cabinets
    • Valuables
    • Floor Safes
    • Hidden compartments
  • Will I want to have the family or employee cars tracked by the system

Additional information

Weight 32 oz
Dimensions 6 × 12 × 4 in


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