Qolsys QS1133-840 IQ Door Window-S Slim Fit

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The IQ Door Window-S is an encrypted sensor with superior range specifically designed to easily attach to any door or window.


With a five year battery life and a slimmer form factor than other full sized sensors it can alert you if a door is left open, automatically adjust your smart thermostat to save you energy, and provide security for anything that opens or closes. Know when these doors and windows are opened with customizable chimes and unique names spoken by the panels text-to-speech. Create personalized notifications and rules with the interactive app.

– Encrypted S-Line sensor technology protects signals sent to the IQ Panel while still providing support for legacy 319.5 systems
– Can be easily mounted on doors or windows with included adhesive
– Alerts IQ Panel if moved more than 1?
– Can be programmed as ?Safety Sensor? for medicine cabinets, chemical storage, safes or storage closets
– Using Alarm.com you can get a text if your door or window is left open
– Create automation rules like ?turn on light when door is opened? or ?adjust thermostat if window left open?
– Requires two (2) 3V CR2032 Batteries (included)
– The built-in tamper switch triggers an alert if the cover is removed
– Create custom names for each sensor, determine unique chime type, choose voice prompts on or off

Additional information

Weight 0.5 oz
Dimensions 4 × 4 × 4 in


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