Are you experiencing an adversarial divorce, crazy stalker a strange work environment or simply concerned about a new property you own or rent?   These two devices find most any spectrum of wireless devices and cameras.

You can pickup locally or it will ship in a Pelican Case with a return Priority Label.  Specialty Shipping Required.  This is a rental contract and once received, it must be returned on the 4th day with the return label enclosed in box.  All paperwork, boxes and literature must be returned with the shipment as pictured.

Be your own “PI.”

Rather than pay a minimum of $1.00 per square foot to have a professional sweep your property, learn how to do it yourself by watching just two short videos (provided below) and rent the equipment for 72 hours.

There are many devices that you will discover you have forgotten are in your home.  Smart TV’s, Bluetooth devices  (speakers, watches, phones and wireless mice) and RF (radio frequency devices) will be found  as you sleuth through your property looking for the unwanted devices.  This process takes time and methodology.   You will need to move through every room bit by bit, making sure you are covering every inch of the property for camera lenses and wireless devices emitting a signal.

How To Use Protect 1206i:

How To Use Spyfinder Pro: